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Usually, you can check the approximate price of your order on our Prices page. There you can find all the information regarding how much different options and services cost. However, if you want to know the exact price of your paper, better use our online calculator.

Our price policy is very clear and we have no hidden payments or fees. You can check everything yourself. Therefore, you need to know that the price of your order usually consists of several elements.

1. The sort of paper

The more simple the assignment is the cheaper it will be. Essays and short writing tasks cost less than research papers or – especially – dissertations, for example.

2. The level of your paper

If you are ordering a high school writing assignment, its price will be lower than the price of a college paper or a university assignment.

3. Deadlines

We hope that you understand that, the more time our writers have to complete an order the less you will pay in the end. Urgent tasks, especially those that must be written in one or two days, have a higher price. Take that into account when placing an order!

4. Additional work

If you don’t just need a paper written from scratch but also require any extra services like proofreading, editing or others, be ready to get a higher price to pay!

5. Your writer’s level

Of course, we work with professional writers only. However, if you want to hire someone with a degree or a native English speaker, it will increase the total price of your order. In any case, the quality of your paper will not suffer in any case!

6. VIP service

Oh, yes, we have that! If don’t want to wait till your order is processed, you can become our VIP client. It will allow you to receive our help and assistance anytime and earlier than others. Also, thanks to your VIP status, your orders will always be processed first.

In case you still have any questions regarding our price policy, please feel free to contact our customer support team anytime!